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CV Humanitarian Travel has a team of travel advisors who work day and night to eliminate the stress and guesswork from your humanitarian travel. Each of our advisors has decades of experience helping travelers and organizations get where they need to go. We have a longstanding reputation that we stand behind. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we have the knowledge and relationships required to give you the best deals.

It is our passion to help you with your travel plans so that you can help others. Not only do we promise to take the worry out of your traveling experience, but always to have your best interest at heart. Let us make your humanitarian trip an authentic one-of-a-kind experience. Together, we will find the affordable travel fares, insurance rates, and other accommodations you need to make your travel worthwhile. Learn more about our travel advisors by contacting the CV Humanitarian Travel team today!

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OUR HISTORY as a Humanitarian Agency

CV Humanitarian Travel was founded in 1983. Since then, our humanitarian travel business has helped thousands of humanitarian travelers and organizations travel safely, efficiently, and economically. Our goal is and has always been, to take the worry out of humanitarian travel so that the traveler can be as effective as possible while getting the most out of the experience. In 35 years, we have seen the fruits of our labor help our travelers provide service to people living around the world.

Since our inception, CV Humanitarian Travel has become one of the most reputable travel agencies in the industry. We work hard, providing travel accommodations to each of our clients. A few of our services include finding you competitive travel fares and deeply discounted flights and insurance rates using unique AirPortal technology. Along with our travel services, we also keep a focus on your safety so that you can focus on serving the world without any extra stress.


Since the beginning, CV Humanitarian Travel focused on you, the client. We fully stand by our mission statement that says: “We provide competitive airfare, risk management solutions, and consultative planning to humanitarian travelers and organizations.” It is this mission that pushes us to do better. Our travel advisors are continually working on creating better relationships with our partners, as well as developing new ones. Recently, CV Humanitarian Travel introduced newly-developed technology into our programming that helps us offer higher travel services.

As part of our goal to offer our humanitarian travelers and organizations competitive airfare, risk management solutions, and consultative planning, we also hope to make your experience worry-free. When you travel with CV Humanitarian Travel, you can do so calmly, knowing that we have your back throughout your entire trip. You can also understand that no matter the situation, we will be there whether you are going on a medical mission trip, corporate humanitarian travel, faith-based travel, or a humanitarian trip.

Our Humanitarian Travel Partners

In the pursuit of providing our customers with the best travel options, CV Humanitarian Travel’s travel advisors have developed relationships with some of the top brands in the business. These exclusive partnerships afford us some of the best deals available for humanitarian travelers and organizations. Some of our travel partners include Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Qatar Airways, China Southern Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Korean Air.

As a client of CV Humanitarian Travel, you will receive access to all of the benefits we receive from these partnerships, including discounted travel insurance rates and low-cost flights. Along with these benefits, our partnerships also help us monitor the safety of your travel. This is especially helpful when traveling to remote locations where most humanitarian trips occur. You can learn more about our humanitarian travel partners by contacting us directly.

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