Mission trips provide members of your faith the opportunity to bring help and hope to the less fortunate through real, hands-on experience. Our mission is to provide assistance — we want to help you plan your group’s international mission travel and determine the most effective solutions for your transportation needs. As a mission travel agency, we’ll help turn your organization’s desire to serve into life-changing action by planning the best mission trip for you.

CV Humanitarian Travel is more than a mission travel agency — we work to make your trip as effective and economical as possible. We provide you with group or individual flight discounts and benefits, as well as exclusive baggage allowances and other benefits.

  • The best airfares
  • Exclusive baggage allowances
  • More fundraising time
  • 50-60% off one-way fares
  • Group arrival and departure manifest organization
  • 24/7 customer support

We also provide mission travel insurance discounts and benefits that are only available to humanitarian and faith-based travelers. These include deeply discounted rates, access to a huge database of doctors and hospitals, 24/7 customer service in nearly 20 languages, mission-traveler-specific travel insurance plans, and more.

  • Insurance discounts & benefits
  • Huge database of doctors & hospitals
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Humanitarian-specific travel insurance plans
  • Supplemental health, trip cancellation, and evacuation insurance

We will carefully consider your organization’s specific demographics and create a custom itinerary for your mission trip. Whatever the project — from building a school to teaching a hygiene workshop — we can help you provide an experience that will unite your church, change lives, and put faith into action. Contact us today for all of your mission travel questions.

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