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Unexpected, unfortunate events are just a part of life. When you’re at home, you have your people and your support system around you, so you can call for backup when the unexpected happens. When you’re overseas, however, you’re on your own. You’re especially vulnerable when you’re in a country where you don’t have a home, you don’t speak the language, and you aren’t intimately familiar with the culture.

CV Humanitarian Travel understands, and we’re here to help. We have decades of experience with travel insurance, and we have custom programs for mission and humanitarian travelers just like you. You may not be surrounded by family and friends when you’re abroad, but you’re never alone.

  • Custom programs tailored for mission & humanitarian travelers only
  • Deep discounts for humanitarian travelers
  • First program — combination supplemental health & evacuation insurance
  • Second program — trip cancellation insurance


Unexpected illness or accident overseas. This policy includes Emergency Medical Evacuation.

For more than 25 years, IMG has been providing international travelers with the security they need to worry less and experience more. We understand that there are many reasons to travel internationally, each with its own set of concerns. Because of this, we offer a wide variety of coverages, specifically designed to provide the international traveler the peace of mind to help them get the most from their time spent overseas.

• Languages spoken in-house at IMG: 18
• Insurance plans we offer: 25
• Countries where we cover members: 190
• Doctors and hospitals in our global database: 800,000

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ITravel Insured

Unexpected illness or accident overseas—includes Emergency Medical Evacuation.

For more than a decade, ITravel Insured has been protecting travelers from the unexpected. Here are a few of the benefits that ITravel Insured members enjoy:

• On-site medical staff available 24/7
• International, multi-lingual service specialist team
• Proprietary Provider Access database of more than 17,000 physicians and facilities
• Secure 24-hour portal where members can submit claims, LiveChat with reps, and more

We are happy to sit down and discuss which level would most benefit you and your team based on your destination, duration of stay, and budget. Or sign up online by using this form.

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