Changing the World for the Better

November 27, 2017

It’s not easy to change the world.

But every day, thousands of individuals and organizations committed to missionary and humanitarian work travel all over the world, not knowing what to expect when they set out to explore strange lands and unfamiliar cultures, trying their best to conquer their fears, and oftentimes risking their lives, so they can reach out to help others.

What Drives People to Travel the World to Lend a Helping Hand?

People who get involved in humanitarian and missionary efforts to help the needy have varying reasons for their contributions to effect change, sometimes trekking to the most remote places where help doesn’t seem to come by often enough. Some do it out of pure compassion for the less fortunate, while others are driven by their past experience with chaos and conflict in their own families or communities, which compels them to extend help to those who are now suffering what they’ve gone through and survived.

The Obstacles Faced by Humanitarian Travelers

Humanitarians and missionaries who travel for their outreach efforts face many obstacles before, during and after reaching their destinations. These include travel reservations, such as lodging and staging areas, as well as flights and other transportation accommodations. They also have to deal with logistics and their strategic plan of action that include budget and resource management. And because they normally travel in groups, keeping tab of each other’s activities, conditions and whereabouts during the entire mission is essential to everyone’s safety and the general success of their group’s undertaking.

We Are Here to Help

CV Humanitarian Travel is committed to helping humanitarians and missionaries who unselfishly give a part of themselves to help those who are in need. Established in 1983, our goal is to provide a seamless travel experience for people who are on a mission to effect change even in the most remote locations all over the world.

What We Offer

We are experienced in travel planning and providing support and services particularly for Humanitarian and Faith Based Travel, Medical Missions and Corporate Humanitarian Travel.

We take charge of planning the travel for any group or individual who travels abroad for humanitarian or missionary work. We provide great discounts on flights, including baggage allowances, which are particularly helpful for those who bring relief goods and essential medical kits for their missions. We also provide exclusive discounts on lodging and other types of accommodations, as well as comprehensive insurance benefits through our strong partnership with our global affiliates. In addition, we offer extended reservation payment plans for those who plan to stay longer during their missions, trip cancellations and discounted evacuation services if needed.

CV Humanitarian Travel is committed to keep our missionaries safe, secure and well taken care of during their travels. To help them cope with illness or other health hazards during their trip, we provide a network of health specialists that they can go to for discounted rates on essential health services and benefits. And should they need support and assistance, we have a robust team of customer service that is available to help with their questions and concerns 24/7.

Our Mission Is to Help You With Your Mission

If you want a travel partner who will fulfill the essential work in arranging your cost-effective travel reservations and accommodations, as well as provide the necessary resources and exclusive benefits to ensure your team’s safety, security and overall wellness during your missionary work, let CV Humanitarian Travel lend you a helping hand and give you the peace of mind you need so you can better focus on your greater mission: changing the world for a better future for everyone.