How to Start Planning Your Medical Mission Travel

September 27, 2018

Medical expertise is needed across the world, but especially in international areas without any resources. Luckily, experts throughout the country want to lend a hand. Unfortunately, many don’t know where to start. With variables that could make the journey go from bad to worse, it’s crucial to have plans in place that lessen risk, focus on safety, and help you get the job done. Whether you’re just looking into medical mission travel or you want to book a trip soon, CV Humanitarian Travel is here to help you kick off the planning process. As humanitarian travel experts, they know what it takes to plan travel and how to best start the process.


  1. Ask the Experts

In the world of medical mission travel, experience counts. It’s important to take the guesswork out of making the appropriate travel arrangements and let the experts help out. With a team of experienced travel partners on your side you’ll have access to years of knowledge and well-honed skills at your fingertips.


  1. Affordable Airfare

Medical mission travel takes you across the globe. That typically means expensive airfare, tickets, and baggage fees. Don’t let that stop you from an experience of a lifetime. When you use a humanitarian agency like CV Travel you gain access to the best airfares, exclusive baggage allowances, coordinated group travel, and more.


  1. Look for Discounts and Benefits

Don’t make your travel experience more expensive than it should be. By teaming up with the right team you’ll have access to exclusive discounts and benefits. Our clients are provided with deeply discounted insurance rates,  24/7 member services, access to a database of doctors and hospitals around the world, and more.


Medical Mission Travel with CV Humanitarian Travel


The medical mission travel experts at CV Humanitarian Travel provide the assistance you need in planning medical mission trips and more. Working with your organization, CV Humanitarian Travel determines the most effective solutions for your travel and transportation needs. Some of the benefits of traveling with CV Humanitarian include:


  • Affordable airfares
  • Exclusive baggage allowances
  • More fundraising time
  • 50-60% off one-way fares
  • Group arrival and departure manifest organization
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Minimize travel risks
  • Insurance discounts & benefits
  • Humanitarian-specific travel insurance
  • Supplemental health, trip cancellation, and evacuation insurance


By working with travel experts like CV Humanitarian Travel your travel will be more cost-effective and involve less risk. Not only will CV Humanitarian’s benefits provide the extra assurance you need but will help you have the experience you’re looking for. Contact CV Humanitarian Travel today to learn more.