Mission Travel Testimonial

Nancy Cobb at Gardendale First Baptist Church

February 19, 2020

Nancy Cobb at Gardendale First Baptist Church has been working with CV Humanitarian travel for over 6 years. “CV Travel is great,” Nancy says. “We just tell them the dates we want to leave, and they handle things from there.” Since 2013, she has used CV Travel to help coordinate nearly all of the church’s international flights.


Gardendale First Baptist Church is located north of Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1876, the church focuses on serving inside and outside of the community. Throughout any given year, the church goes on 5-10 mission trips to foreign countries, including France, India, Haiti, and Papa New Guinea. While on their group humanitarian trips, participants find themselves serving in numerous ways. From construction, to running medical clinics, to evangelizing, participants take on many roles.


Through it all, CV Travel has been there to ensure everything goes smoothly. In fact, Nancy states that no matter where they’re going, an agent from CV Travel has been helpful through the entire process.


Previously, the process of booking a faith-based travel experience was difficult, even confusing. “Having a travel agent to condense and simplify everything has made such a difference,” Nancy says. According to Nancy, her experience has been positive, regardless of the agent she works with. “Everyone at CV Travel that I’ve ever spoken with has been really helpful,” she says.


When asked about her experience, Nancy says, “I really do appreciate everything. CV Travel has always, always made sure we get everything we need.” Gardendale First Baptist Church plans to use CV Humanitarian Travel for trips in the future.


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